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The Changing Face of the Arctic

This beautiful photo book with a limited edition of only 75 copies is the work of British photographer & writer Bryan Alexander. Bryan has travelled to the Arctic every year since 1971 to document traditional life in the north’s indigenous communities. This book is the culmination of a project that he began in 2017 which involved him revisiting Arctic communities that he first worked in many years ago and re-photographing people and documenting their life stories.

Some of the people featured in the book are Inuit hunters that Bryan travelled with on journeys by dog sled in Greenland, while others are from Nenets reindeer herding families that he met at camps in the forests of northern Siberia. Several were just young children at remote camps on the Arctic tundra when Bryan first photographed them. The book features portraits of indigenous people from four different Arctic regions in Greenland, Russia, Canada & Norway. Pairing up the early photographs of people with recent images of them, some of which were taken 50 years apart, makes a fascinating and unique set of portraits.

These are combined with scenic and lifestyle images from each of the different Arctic regions and a text describing each person’s background story. The book also highlights some of the changes that have taken place in these remote Arctic communities during the past half century.

Produced in a large landscape format (33 x 29cm), this book has 96 pages and contains 170 beautifully reproduced photographs in colour and black & white. It is printed on high quality (148 gsm) matte paper and each copy comes in a presentation box. .

Published: 2023

Each copy is numbered and signed

Price: £175.00 with free shipping to UK and Europe.

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