A Special Limited Edition Book to
Celebrate 50 Years of Arctic Photography

This beautifully illustrated photo book has a limited edition of only 75 copies. It is the work of British photographer and writer, Bryan Alexander, who has been documenting life in the indigenous communities of the Arctic since 1971.

The photographs in “Inughuit” (Great People), his latest book, depict the traditional activities and life of the Inuit of the Avanersuaq region Northwest Greenland. Located only 850 miles from the North Pole, the people and their region became well known after explorers like Robert Peary visited the area. In 1920 the Danish-Greenlandic explorer, Knud Rasmussen & Peter Freuchen established a trading post at Thule. It was from there that they launched their epic 5th Thule Expedition (1921-1924), travelling from Greenland to Alaska.

Since his first visit there in 1971, Bryan Alexander has visited the Inughuit many times spending a total of almost 3 years living and photographing in the community. It’s the depth of his photographic coverage of the Inughuit, taken over half a Century that makes this book so special and unique.

The book is divided into five seasonal sections: the Polar Night, Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. The remarkable photographs depict the seasonal hunting activities around the year as well as the everyday life of this remote Inuit community.

This book is much more than a collection of beautiful photographs, it is a historical record of one of the Arctic’s disappearing cultures. It is also a tribute to a remarkable people and an extraordinary culture.

Produced in a large landscape format (33 x 29cm), the book has 160 pages and contains over 200 beautifully reproduced photographs, both in colour and black & white. It is printed on high quality (148 gsm) matte paper and comes in its own protective slipcase.

Published: 2021

Each copy is numbered and signed

Price: £240.00 Free shipping to UK and Europe.

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